What it need?

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What it need?

Post by Misa_amane on Fri Mar 24, 2017 2:25 pm

The next thing can do often as wished: You take 9999999 hours to make a map and you can't play it online because it's unplayable (in mostly case, stats [s]pissing off[/s] annoyed!)

But for some evident reason, we need some informations to accept a fix:

1) Nickname

We need your nickname because we just won't fix a map for anonymous, we maybe want play with you on your map

2) The map in downloading URL

How we can fix a map if we don't have the map? You have to found an hosting files in internet or you can Click here

3) The idea of your map

If we have to fix a map, we'll surely change something, be sure. But, to not deviate from the original map, we need to know what is the idea of your map

4) Your conditions

If you want that we don't change something in your map, you have to tell us, it can avoid a gap with your original idea

If you are requesting to fix, for us, you have already read all those lines and we are not in charge of a deleting your request


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